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your blog on or your own host

Posted by lazybit on June 22, 2008

So you decided to blog with WordPress?

You’re probably just in for blogging, might have read one or two comparisons to other blogsystems? Drupal or Blogger?

Ok, you already made the decision, it’s going to be WordPress. But the questions is, use and put it all into the hands of WordPress or get your own url and do it yourself.

It’s not only a question if you have the technical capabilities. Setting up WordPress is fairly easy. And if you only have webspace and a database, the hoster takes care of everything else.

So I just give you my point of view, I had some experience with Drupal and WordPress on my own server and now this blog on takes a lot of decisions off you mind because you plainly don’t have too many options. One gets to choose between a few nice layouts and a limited set of plugins. But that’s actually enough for regular blogging. Also you don’t waste so much time playing around with the site or evaluation potential plugins, it has been taken care about already. I can live with that 🙂

It is also very surprising that you will get indexed very fast and the amount of traffic I received after just a few posts was outnumbering the daily visits I had with 2 years of my old blog. Trackbacks and Pings help a lot, but also that the community accounts work on your site. Additionally its also easier to comment and leaving a fingerprint behind.

And the good point is, if you want to grow, it’s easy to migrate to your own site, taking all the data along. You have no costs and liabilities.

So if you’re new and want to try it out, or if you were always sceptic if you could live with these limitations, which I must say I was, there’s no reason for not giving it a shot.

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