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Windows activation and instant log off problem

Posted by lazybit on October 16, 2008

So, yes, I do run a copy of Windows XP64 on my machine (dual boot) which is my gaming platform. Sorry, but gaming under linux? There’s still some way to go.

So a few days ago after some automated update my system told me it’s not activated yet and gave me 3 days to do so. I use my student key I got via school which worked fine so far. But now not any more. Calling the “nice” hotline did not help. Not having time I postponed problem solution.

Well, so I ended up having an inactive copy of Windows. I could not activate it either. After logging in, it asked for activation. Which I said yes to, but I ended up being logged out seconds later. So dead end street?

After some research I tried the following method. I mounted the filsystem from linux, went into windows/inf/syssetup.inf and removed everything OOBE-related, in the hope I would be able to log back in (about 5 entries each 5-6 lines). To make sure I also used safe-mode. Voila, it worked.

Being back in on my windows desktop I installed a nice little patch you can find at our friends site in Sweden. Sorry, even if this seems to be the improper way, I for sure will not call any other MS hotline or write another support email for my valid copy. (go to hell?)

So far works without a problem. Hope it stays so.

Hope this can help you in some way

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