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Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu as Microsoft Operating System, in Germany

Posted by lazybit on October 2, 2008

Dell tags Ubuntu as Microsoft operating system

Dell tags Ubuntu as Microsoft operating system

Microsoft did manage to bring out a decend operating system? Called Ubuntu 8.04?

Dells German homepage does not seem to be flexible enough in the operating system tab and seems rather Microsoft focused. But I guess that’s not something that would bother one when deciding to buy one of their netbooks.

A little more interesting is the 50 Euro price cut for the Linux version which goes along with a reduced solid state disk. So you save by not paying for the license and getting less hardware. The flexibility on ordering the model equals to zero, becaus you don’t get any options.

That’s a little pity. So lets wait a little longer. At least till the Mini10 comes out. Or maybe the Samsung NC10 will steal the show.

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