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Flash 10 beta in Firefox 3 on Ubuntu 64 bit

Posted by lazybit on July 6, 2008

Yes, there is no native 64 bit version (again!) for us, but with the good old ndiswrapper and this tutorial you will get it to work.

Full screen view is now working. Everything else seems the same as in version 9.

As in the previous version, it seems amazingly hard on the cpu. And after watching some flash movies on you tube npviewer.bin was consuming a lot of cpu time, even though all flash pages have been closed.

This seems either to be a flash or a flash – ndiswrapper issue.

Because I wanted my cpu back I killed the processes, indirectly disabling flash for the current running firefox.

Again, this seems to be a working solution, but not the best one.

Or maybe flash 64 bit is on its way. Hm, maybe next decade.

If I find out more, I will let you know.

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ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron x86_64, firefox 3 and flash plugin

Posted by lazybit on June 4, 2008

I recently installed a fresh copy of Kubuntu 8.04 with KDE4. Quite nice I must say.

I always had trouble installing flash and firefox on my 64bit distros, but this time it was really painless.

sudo apt-get install nspluginwrapper flashplugin-nonfree lib32nss-mdns

That’s it. I tried gnash but it would not work. Hopefully in some future release.

Thank’s to Andy for providing a nice howto.

Update: Also read the post on Flash 10 if you’re interested

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