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social bookmarking for blogs

Posted by lazybit on May 28, 2008

I recently found this nice button (see the bottom of the post) on a powered site. I thought that’s a nice and clean idea to allow to add the page to some web2.0 sites or, how oldschool, your bookmarks. Ok I guess thats only for people who don’t know how to bookmark. But I’ve heared there are still some out there.

So after a quick google search I found these pieces of information: how to get addthis button to work with and the GetSocial tool.

The short answer is, you will not get the AddThis button to work properly on your blog due to technical (I guess mostly because of safety concerns) limitations ( in what you’re allowed to do) without some manual editing. It will work, don’t worry.

Becuse I’m not a big fan of doing things manually over and over again this led me to the part where I stumpled upon GetSocial. This tool fixes this issue for you by conquering the problem off site. Ok basically you do all the work and it comes back with a string for you to paste in your blog where all the links are included. This turned out to be even more work. Also with the drawback of running a random .exe file on your pc which needs to be one with a .NET 2.0 framework. And it actually doesn’t work on all wordpress templates, so that you’ll end up with space in between the individual icons. No, not a solution either.

So the quick and dirty version is to manipulate the AddThis button manually to make it work. It’s described on shongjog. Basically it’s just setting the parameters according to the post to get a single blog entry committed. It taks about 30 seconds per blog entry, and that’s ok. At least for people like me who only blog every once in a while.

You just need to replace url and title with the appropriate values. Thats it. See below 🙂

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