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Do you type like I do?

Posted by lazybit on October 8, 2008

Psylock managed to implement user recognition by evaluating a sentence you type into your keyboard. Of course it has to learn your way to type first, but after that promises very high probabilty of identifying you, and only you.

The way one types is a mixture between genotypical and conditional characteristics and is in that way unique.

Relevant factors are the time between keypresses, which shift keys used, how you correct errors, and so on…

Identifying myself so far worked quite good, but I didn’t get the chance to try it on different keyboards. I’d especially be interested in using something more unhandy ( like a crippled netbook keyboard ). To see if it still identifies me.

So far noone of my friends types even more than 3% to how I type. So the question is:

Do you type like I do?

Post me your result. I’m really interested.

You can find a whole article on the subject in the recenter German Linux Magazin, 11/08, page 98.

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