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Click Firefox links with your keyboard

Posted by lazybit on October 21, 2008

Imagine, no more using the mouse when activating a hyperlink.

I’ve seen this feature some time ago in konqueror, where you could CTRL and small icons with letters on it would fade in. You press a letter depending on which link you want to visit and it’s activated. No more moving to the mouse all the time while surfing (and typing).

Larry’s plugin LOL, a hah fork gives you that feature in Firefox.

That’s what I’ve been looking for a long time.

Enjoy it.


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Weekend trip to Berlin

Posted by lazybit on October 20, 2008

A while ago I bought 2 “Deutsche Bahn – ebay” (train) which would get you anywhere in Germany and back for 66 EUR. Actually planning on going to Hamburg, which did not work out, we switched over to Berlin and “The festival of light”. The tickets had to be used before the end of the month. So this was the last weekend which was available for both travellers.

Riding with “German-Bahn” is quite an adventure. First of all I did not notice that the tickets are not valid on a Friday, the day we started the trip. Being nice and subservient helped avoiding paying anything extra. Big plus for the Bahn. But, both ways the train was so much overfilled that there was nearly any room left in the wagon. So we ended sitting somewhere on the floor 90% of the time with people trying to pass the obstacle course. According to the conductor this is quite a normal situation. I’d rather call this really bad management of train sizes, but make up your own mind. So I guess a seating reservation would be useful if you plan to go on a trip in the near future. A slight amusement was watching people using their laptops on the train. Especially a young woman who waited for 5 minutes for her Windows Vista to shut down on her fairly new dell laptop. I didn’t find any linux user, but one Mac was along. And e few eee pcs.

Berlin was quite nice. The festival was a big disappointment. Compared to last year the light installation minimalistic compared to last year. And on our night trip through Berlin I noticed only a handful of worthy light installations. The trip lasted 4 hours, beginning at 20.00, with on a 2 storeyed bus with an open roof. It was little chilly but the nice view made it up.

Gedaechtniskirche, Berlin Germany

Gedaechtniskirche, Berlin Germany

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Google StreetView car seen in Mannheim, Germany

Posted by lazybit on September 22, 2008

Google's StreetView Car spottet in Mannheim, Germany


On awalk through Mannheim yesterday I noticed something oddly familiar. But only from pictures so far.

I had the “luck” to run into the parked and covered StreetView car at Collini Center in downtown Mannheim. Other users also reported it parking there or driving around town, as i’ve found out by googling (funny, isn’t it). There are also some live snapshots from them.

So it seems to be on tour through Europe. So the major cities will appear on Google StreetView soon.

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jazz is different

Posted by lazybit on May 24, 2008

It’s good to see that even the “best band in the world” has some trouble when performing live too.

It was my first time seeing Die Ärzte live, and I must say it was a very nice concert. They’re just pure fun.

Being not a major fan I was little disappointed that they played a few songs from the past I’ve never heard. Also I didn’t like it too much when Rod switched over to guitar and more metal like playing style. But that have been the only minor drawbacks of the conert.

They had fun on stage and it transfered to the audience pretty good. Ok it’s only their third gig on tour, but it was quite funny when Farin and Rod started out a song in two different tunes and Farin had to walk over to Rod to get things straightend out. At another song they switched to Steinberg headless guitar and bass, but Farins 6 string was so out ouf tune he had to switch back, after telling Bela to cover while he was trying to tune the guitar. And of course, the pulled some Sahni jokes.

So if you get the chance to see the tour, it’s worth the entry fee.

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I moved, again – the page, not me :-p

Posted by lazybit on May 1, 2008

Ok, after my hopefully final experience with vServers I moved my blog again. But this was my ultimate move.

After a more or less usual update on my vServer hosting, the server it decided to not let me log in any more. The server was still up and running, and apache/mysql did response. After mailing support they said, there’s nothing they could do, because I changed the default configuration. And of course I’m not willing to pay 100 EUR/h to get it fixed or to reinstall again. Which also means losing all recent data.

So, I took my latest database backup and looked for alternatives. I’ve been running wordpress for while now, being a drupal user originally. So I decided to give another shot. And I must say, it does satisfy my needs. So blogging did move to this site, obviously 🙂

As for my pictures, I decided to get a FlickrPro account. So if you want to browse them, go ahead.

So welcome again, to the new site 🙂

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