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Updating to Intrepid Ibex 8.10 RC on hp nx6325

Posted by lazybit on October 28, 2008

So, a few days before the final release I decided to update my Hardy laptop to Intrepid.

I checked the website and all components seemed to be good for installation.

So after a sudo update-manager -d and about 2 hours later the machine bootet up Intrepid nicely. Xorg did work, even though without accelleration. I had some issues with the older fglrx driver on the machine. After being told that there is porprietary software available I installed the ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver and rebootet. Again, everything went fine, 3d accelleration was now working. The only minor issue was with the bcm4312 card which was not working. The hardware drivers for Broadcom STA wireless did the magic.

For my point of view so far you’re good to go if you own one of the nx6325 series.

Have fun with Intrepid Ibex 🙂

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Click Firefox links with your keyboard

Posted by lazybit on October 21, 2008

Imagine, no more using the mouse when activating a hyperlink.

I’ve seen this feature some time ago in konqueror, where you could CTRL and small icons with letters on it would fade in. You press a letter depending on which link you want to visit and it’s activated. No more moving to the mouse all the time while surfing (and typing).

Larry’s plugin LOL, a hah fork gives you that feature in Firefox.

That’s what I’ve been looking for a long time.

Enjoy it.

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Weekend trip to Berlin

Posted by lazybit on October 20, 2008

A while ago I bought 2 “Deutsche Bahn – ebay” (train) which would get you anywhere in Germany and back for 66 EUR. Actually planning on going to Hamburg, which did not work out, we switched over to Berlin and “The festival of light”. The tickets had to be used before the end of the month. So this was the last weekend which was available for both travellers.

Riding with “German-Bahn” is quite an adventure. First of all I did not notice that the tickets are not valid on a Friday, the day we started the trip. Being nice and subservient helped avoiding paying anything extra. Big plus for the Bahn. But, both ways the train was so much overfilled that there was nearly any room left in the wagon. So we ended sitting somewhere on the floor 90% of the time with people trying to pass the obstacle course. According to the conductor this is quite a normal situation. I’d rather call this really bad management of train sizes, but make up your own mind. So I guess a seating reservation would be useful if you plan to go on a trip in the near future. A slight amusement was watching people using their laptops on the train. Especially a young woman who waited for 5 minutes for her Windows Vista to shut down on her fairly new dell laptop. I didn’t find any linux user, but one Mac was along. And e few eee pcs.

Berlin was quite nice. The festival was a big disappointment. Compared to last year the light installation minimalistic compared to last year. And on our night trip through Berlin I noticed only a handful of worthy light installations. The trip lasted 4 hours, beginning at 20.00, with on a 2 storeyed bus with an open roof. It was little chilly but the nice view made it up.

Gedaechtniskirche, Berlin Germany

Gedaechtniskirche, Berlin Germany

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Windows activation and instant log off problem

Posted by lazybit on October 16, 2008

So, yes, I do run a copy of Windows XP64 on my machine (dual boot) which is my gaming platform. Sorry, but gaming under linux? There’s still some way to go.

So a few days ago after some automated update my system told me it’s not activated yet and gave me 3 days to do so. I use my student key I got via school which worked fine so far. But now not any more. Calling the “nice” hotline did not help. Not having time I postponed problem solution.

Well, so I ended up having an inactive copy of Windows. I could not activate it either. After logging in, it asked for activation. Which I said yes to, but I ended up being logged out seconds later. So dead end street?

After some research I tried the following method. I mounted the filsystem from linux, went into windows/inf/syssetup.inf and removed everything OOBE-related, in the hope I would be able to log back in (about 5 entries each 5-6 lines). To make sure I also used safe-mode. Voila, it worked.

Being back in on my windows desktop I installed a nice little patch you can find at our friends site in Sweden. Sorry, even if this seems to be the improper way, I for sure will not call any other MS hotline or write another support email for my valid copy. (go to hell?)

So far works without a problem. Hope it stays so.

Hope this can help you in some way

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Do you type like I do?

Posted by lazybit on October 8, 2008

Psylock managed to implement user recognition by evaluating a sentence you type into your keyboard. Of course it has to learn your way to type first, but after that promises very high probabilty of identifying you, and only you.

The way one types is a mixture between genotypical and conditional characteristics and is in that way unique.

Relevant factors are the time between keypresses, which shift keys used, how you correct errors, and so on…

Identifying myself so far worked quite good, but I didn’t get the chance to try it on different keyboards. I’d especially be interested in using something more unhandy ( like a crippled netbook keyboard ). To see if it still identifies me.

So far noone of my friends types even more than 3% to how I type. So the question is:

Do you type like I do?

Post me your result. I’m really interested.

You can find a whole article on the subject in the recenter German Linux Magazin, 11/08, page 98.

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Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu as Microsoft Operating System, in Germany

Posted by lazybit on October 2, 2008

Dell tags Ubuntu as Microsoft operating system

Dell tags Ubuntu as Microsoft operating system

Microsoft did manage to bring out a decend operating system? Called Ubuntu 8.04?

Dells German homepage does not seem to be flexible enough in the operating system tab and seems rather Microsoft focused. But I guess that’s not something that would bother one when deciding to buy one of their netbooks.

A little more interesting is the 50 Euro price cut for the Linux version which goes along with a reduced solid state disk. So you save by not paying for the license and getting less hardware. The flexibility on ordering the model equals to zero, becaus you don’t get any options.

That’s a little pity. So lets wait a little longer. At least till the Mini10 comes out. Or maybe the Samsung NC10 will steal the show.

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Thunderbird Lightning and Google Calendar, bidirectional sync, ubuntu 64

Posted by lazybit on October 1, 2008

Here’s a quick howto on using your Google Calendar with Lightning when you’re at home, with all edits being synced, no matter if done online or with Lightning.

We’re using the recent 0.9 Version of the Lightning extension for Thunderbird. You need to download the 64bit extension manually. The direct download on the Mozilla homepage will only give you the 32bit version. You can find it here: under 0.9/contrib/linux-x86_64/

After that grab the Google Calendar addon:

After installing both of them, you should be able to set up a: new calender -> on the network -> Google Calendar. Post your XML address in the field, enter your password and you’re ready for bidirectional editing.

A pictured howto can be found here: the wiki is here:

Two things to mention:

  • make sure to use the recent addons, which is a bit of manual work, but otherise the field for the Google Calendar will not show up or may not sync.
  • make sure to use the remote caledar when adding entries and not the local one which was set up by default (you can delete it if you don’t need it to avoid confusion)

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