about computers and the net, and some private stuff :-) tag cloud fixed

Posted by lazybit on July 13, 2008 fixed the tag cloud. Previously it would destroy the layout when tags become too long or big. Now it wraps around. You can use it again 🙂

Thanks wordpress.


2 Responses to “ tag cloud fixed”

  1. wpvstp said

    I would call it a halfway fix. Yes, it wraps, but it still lacks the font size option of the category cloud. I guess they’re still working on that…

  2. lazybit said

    I agree. The wrapping problem is fixed (which annoyed me). But the tags don’t seem to increase in size correct. And I’d also love to see a variable for setting max_font_size in the could tag.
    I guess that’s a minor issue, but it would be nice to see it fixed.

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