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ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron x86_64, firefox 3 and flash plugin

Posted by lazybit on June 4, 2008

I recently installed a fresh copy of Kubuntu 8.04 with KDE4. Quite nice I must say.

I always had trouble installing flash and firefox on my 64bit distros, but this time it was really painless.

sudo apt-get install nspluginwrapper flashplugin-nonfree lib32nss-mdns

That’s it. I tried gnash but it would not work. Hopefully in some future release.

Thank’s to Andy for providing a nice howto.

Update: Also read the post on Flash 10 if you’re interested


8 Responses to “ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron x86_64, firefox 3 and flash plugin”

  1. Nice to know – thanks for the info

  2. Firefox on Ubuntu has a tendency to not display Flash properly, particularly with multiple instances of FF and Flash. Have you overcome this problem?

  3. lazybit said

    What do you mean. I didn’t find any problems regarding playback or playback in multiple instances. Could you be more precise? Can I reproduce this problem somehow?

  4. spork said

    THANKS! I was looking for this. I was trying to do it by myself but the flash installer was telling me the x86_64 architecture wasn’t supported. 😦

  5. JD said

    Thanks! New to ubuntu and this helped alot 🙂

  6. SpinFusor said

    Unbelievable… I must have tried everything out there when this page should definitely be bumped to the top when searching for a solution to run flash in a 64bit enviro using latest Hardy Heron!!!

  7. Dumbo said

    Nice!! Wish you could du the same with sun java 1.6

  8. koen said

    yips works like a charm !!!!! tnx mate !

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