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I moved, again – the page, not me :-p

Posted by lazybit on May 1, 2008

Ok, after my hopefully final experience with vServers I moved my blog again. But this was my ultimate move.

After a more or less usual update on my vServer hosting, the server it decided to not let me log in any more. The server was still up and running, and apache/mysql did response. After mailing support they said, there’s nothing they could do, because I changed the default configuration. And of course I’m not willing to pay 100 EUR/h to get it fixed or to reinstall again. Which also means losing all recent data.

So, I took my latest database backup and looked for alternatives. I’ve been running wordpress for while now, being a drupal user originally. So I decided to give another shot. And I must say, it does satisfy my needs. So blogging did move to this site, obviously 🙂

As for my pictures, I decided to get a FlickrPro account. So if you want to browse them, go ahead.

So welcome again, to the new site 🙂


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